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chrome lego darth vader promo minifig

chrome lego darth vader promo minifig

(chrome lego darth vader promo minifig from unknown)

Searching for other cool Lego custom minifigs I came across this chrome lego darth vader promo minifig, it seems to be a promotional minifig created by Lego to mark the 10 year anniversary of Lego Starwars, whilst the minifig and the decals on the minifig are no different from the Lego Darth Vader minifig, it is made of chrome, which gives the minifig a real shiny quality, Just look at the minifigs helmet.

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Batman minifig suit comparison

Batman minifig suit comparison

(Batman minifig suit comparison  by Lego Vaughan)

This nice vignette shows the evolution of the Batman minifig made by Lego, it’s a really great photo of how Batman has been depicted by Lego as the Movie and character has evolved. Also, it shows how Lego’s sophistication with their decals has progressed and become more defining.

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Boer War Lego custom minifigs

Boer War Lego custom minifigs

(1st Battalion, Royal Tabnerian Rifles custom minifigs by david tabner)

There is a real movement amongst Lego custom minifig builders to create massive uniformed armies of custom minifigs, this is usually popular with Star Wars Lego minifig fans, and there are massive Clone minifig armies. This however is the 1st Battalion, Royal Tabnerian Rifles, an army of custom minifigs inspired by the Boer wars, some of the details you might notice are the pith helmets, brown shoulder epaulettes and crossed ammo pouches (from the tusken raider starwars Lego minifig) Whilst  all the pieces in these minfigs  are standard, you can consider them a custom minifig as they different Lego elements have been selected to create a new minifig.

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Bunker 282 minifig vignette

Bunker 282 minifig vignette1

Bunker 282 minifig vignette2

(minifig bunker 282 by justin Vaughn)
This lovely custom minifig vignette is simply wonderful, it depicts a Lego minifig underground bunker, along with a surface crew, the minifig vignette was divided in three parts with a gradual slope, the underground parts are made of three colours showing the layers of earth, there are some really nice details such as the fossil skeleton, the stalagmites and a smoke plume, The detail in the minifig quarters are also great with a  periscope and various machines made of Lego.

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Lego medieval Pole Dancer

This is brilliant, a Lego custom minifig pole dancer, set in a medieval vignette with a whole load of other minifigs starting at her. Its a really nice vignette with several custom parts, bits that light up and a motor that moves the custom minifig around the pole.
Lego medieval Pole Dancer

(Lego, medieval, Pole, Dancer, vignette by Andrew)

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