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Arealight Twilek Zombie


This Twilek Zombie features the excellent curved female torso by Arealight. Available as a 4 piece pack which consists of a printed Tentacle Head, Curved Torso, Dark Gray Head Scarf and Dark Gray Loincloth.

You will still need to buy some legs, arms and hands but they are easily picked up from sites such as Bricklink.

You can also get these as individual pieces, in case you wanted to make a zombie Slave Leia.

Shop all the latest Arealight arrivals now.

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Batman Painted Custom Minifigures


Photo courtesy of shoco

Shoco is now a regular on our Custom Minifig blog and his new releases just get better and better. These Batman Custom Minifigures feature fantastic sculpted armour which is then painted to a very high level.

The contrasting colours make the armour stand-out and the custom made Bat Grappling Gun looks amazing.

Well done!

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Apocalyptic Custom Minifigure


Photo courtesy of ~J2J~

This Apocalyptic Custom Minifigure looks great and features a range of third party LEGO compatible weapons including a knife, hand grenade and automatic rifle.

The gas mask is by and the custom trench coat and hood give this minifigure a great apoc feel.

Well done!

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BrickWarriors Redcoats


BrickWarriors are well known for their Fantasy, Vikings, Wild West and Sci-Fi, themes, and they have just released a range of fantastic items in their brand new Redcoats theme.

Choose from the protective metal British Shako helmet, the British Knapsack, Flintlock Musket, and Flintlock Pistol. They are allĀ  available in 3 colours Black, Brown and Tan.

These new pieces look great with United Bricks British Redcoat Torso and Continental Torso.

Shop the Redcoats collection by BrickWarriors now.

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Arealight Curved Torsos


Arealight are released a number of fantastic new products including 20 new curved female torso’s. Choose from themes that include Spider-Man, Star Wars Bounty Hunters and Twi’lek’s, Zombies and Bikinis.

You will need to add some arms and hands but the new range offers more versatility to your minifigure collection.

Shop all the latest Arealight arrivals now.

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