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Minifigs R Us Summer 15 Wave

Minifigs R Us  Afrika Korps

Minifigs R Us have just released a fantastic Summer 2015 wave of WW2 military inspired heads, torso’s and legs. All digitally printed to a very high standard choose from a range of German designs in a range of colours plus the all new Japanese soldier.

Minifigs R Us Japanese and Marines

With this latest release many of the torso’s come with printed legs which is fantastic, so all you need to do is add a head and a helmet to complete your minifigure.

Minifigs R Us DBG WW2 Germans Kar98 and MP40

The new designs include the German DAK Pilot, German Panzer Commander, WW2 Japanese Soldier, German Officer, German DAK K98, German DAK MP40, WW2 Marine and WW2 U.S. Boat Crew. There are also new heads including the DAK Head V1, DAK Head V2, U.S. Head, Chinstrap Head and Japanese Head.

You can shop the latest wave by Minifigs R Us at now.

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Cosmic Spider-Man Custom Minifigure

Cosmic Spider-Man

This Cosmic Spider-Man custom minifigure is from a brand new vendor called SoCal Minifigures who had the help of Muddy River Minifigs for his debut release.

Blue Cosmic Spider-Man Custom Minifigure

Available in Blue or Dark Blue this high quality pad printed custom minifigure features a double sided head, front and back torso print and printed arms.

Dark Blue Cosmic Spider-Man Custom Minifigure

When a lab accident granted Spider-Man the Uni-Power, his costume was cosmically changed into the Captain Universe outfit by the Uni-Power. This form gave him incredibly enhanced senses, strength, speed, flight, and limited telekinesis.

You can buy both these Cosmic Spider-Man Custom Minifigures at now.

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Grid Iron eclipseGrafx Custom Minifigure Wave

Grid Iron eclipseGrafx

It has been a while since eclipseGrafx released a new wave of minifigures, however these Grid Iron custom minifigures are well worth the wait. Available in Blue, Orange, or Yellow they have been pad printed with a Photoluminescent Ink.

This means the figure will glow for a short period of time after being charged with natural light, and will glow bright when charged using an ultraviolet black light.

Grid Iron eclipseGrafx Custom Minifigures

Taking inspiration from Tron and Iron Man they feature a helmet and body armour designed and provided by Clone Army Customs, not available anywhere else.

Overall the quality is fantastic, and I am sure these will sell out quickly!

You can buy these Grid Iron Custom Minifigures at

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Bruce Banner Custom Minifigure Release

Classic Bruce Banner & Hulk

Inspired by the classic version of Bruce Banner and Hulk, MRM has released this high quality pad printed Bruce Banner Custom Minifigure. It features a single sided head design, official LEGO hair piece, leg print, and front and back torso print.

Classic Bruce Banner & Hulk Minifigures

You can buy this Bruce Banner Custom Minifigure at now.

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Jacob Frye Assassins Creed Syndicate Custom Minifigure

Jacob Frye Assassins Creed Syndicate Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of Logan Fulford

This Jacob Frye Custom Minifigure is inspired by the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, an upcoming historical action-adventure open world video game. It is set to be released on the 23rd October 2015.

The hat, hair, hood, arms, collar, 3D back parts of the coat and front vest were all sculpted by using Greenstuff, while the coat is made out of card hardened with super glue.

The hat and hair are both removable and switchable which is a great touch, while the knife which looks amazing is made from a material called Plasticard.

Finally, he has been painted to a very high level making this a fantastic minifigure.

Well done!

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