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Phoenix Custom Ultimate Octopus Custom Minifigure

This Ultimate Octopus Custom Minifigure was a surprise release by Phoenix Custom in collaboration with Goldbricks.

Professional pad printed to the front head, back head, front and back torso, both arms, and wrap around on the legs. 

It comes with official LEGO pieces for 4 leg pieces that attaches with a neck brace piece.  Collectable Card and plastic case. 

Check out the full range of custom minifigures available by Phoenix Customs now.

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BF v GB Black Bird Custom Minifigure

BrothersFigure have collaborated with Goldbricks to release this fantastic Black Bird Custom Minifigure.

It comes with a custom green hair piece with ears and you have the choice of two legs small or standard and you also receive a custom silver chain piece.

Packed in a plastic box and comes with a metal numbered 0/250 collectors plate.

Shop the full range of custom minifigures by BrothersFigure now.

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The Rocketman Custom Minifigure

The Rocketman Custom Minifigure is digitally printed by Mini and comes with custom feather shoulder pads, double sided head and custom colour hair.

With his really outrageous outfits and flamboyant performances, you won’t regret letting him join your collection. Just make sure you have a piano for him to play!

Each custom minifigure comes in a printed plastic blister packaging.

You can buy The Rocketman at Mini now.

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DCB Diamond Lass Custom Minifigure

This Diamond Lass Custom Minifigure is an alternative version of their now sold out Frosty Empress minifigure.

This high quality pad printed custom minifigure features a double sided head and custom hair piece. She comes with a 360 printed torso and printing to 3 sides of the legs. She also has a printed portrait LEGO piece and a fantastic custom white cape.

Diamond Lass comes packaged in a plastic box with a numbered metal /100 collectors plate.

Be sure to check out all the latest releases by Diamond CustomBricks now.

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UG DR Fate Linda Custom Minifigure

This DR Fate Linda is another in the series of Dr Fate minifigures by UG.

A fantastic high quality pad printed minifigure she features a single sided head, custom helmet, and 360 printing to the torso. She comes with printing to the front, sides and back of the legs, as well as arm printing. She also has a yellow custom cloak.

She comes in a plastic box with a numbered /100 metal collectors card.

Check out all the latest releases by UG Minifigures now.

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