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Emerald Archer Custom Minifigure

Emerald Archer Custom Minifigure

This Emerald Archer Custom Minifigure is a very high quality digitally printed minifigure by Fig Factory. Inspired by Season 1 the mask is from Season 3 to replace the spray painted eyes.

Emerald Archer Custom Minifigure Back

As you can see he is printed on the front and back as well as the sides of the legs. He comes with a green LEGO hood, a brown long bow inspired by Season 1 and a quiver of arrows.

Overall the quality is amazing and I am sure this limited edition custom minifigure will sell out quickly!

Get this Emerald Archer Custom Minifigure at now.

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Destiny Warlock Voidwalker Custom Minifigure

Destiny Warlock Voidwalker Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of Geoshift

Voidwalker is a Warlock subclass in Destiny. It focuses on the manipulation and use of Void energy to obliterate enemies. Inspired by the game this Destiny Warlock Voidwalker Custom Minifigure is a great combination of LEGO and custom pieces.

It uses LEGO printed torso and legs and the combination includes the colours that fit the Voidwalker motif. The helmet is removable and looks very accurate while the Mythoclast weapon looks excellent.

Finally the custom pieces have been painted to a very high quality – great work!

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United Bricks March Releases

United Bricks March Releases

United Bricks are a vendor from the UK offering a range of high quality UV printed military designs. UV printing is similar to digital printing that will not rub off or scratch and is very durable.

This months release from United Bricks see a range of WWII British torso’s and two Zombie heads in Light Bluish Grey and Flesh.

United Bricks British Combat Minifigures

Choose from the British Commando Torso, British Infantry Torso, British Desert Torso, WW2 British Radio Torso and WW2 British Bandolier Torso.

Check out all the latest releases by United Bricks at now.

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Star Wars Ben Kenobi Custom Minifigure

Star Wars Ben Kenobi Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of Logan Fulford

This Ben Kenobi Custom Minifigure is of course inspired by Ben Kenobi from Star Wars played by Alec Guinness and looks fantastic.

The beard, torso, arms, belt and hood are all made out of the air drying material Greenstuff, while the coat and bottom of the robes are made out of card.

What really stands-out is the high quality paint work and I really like the beard, hair and Jedi Robes.

Finally, the LEGO Lightsaber has been slightlt modified with the blade rounded at the end.

Overall, this minifigure looks excellent, and I am sure there will be a number of jealous Star Wars fans.

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Arealight Soft Mold Custom Pieces

Arealight Soft Mold Custom Pieces

Arealight have just released a range of Soft Mold Custom Pieces consisting of seven different pieces. A one sided pauldron, a two sided pauldron, a shawl, a hood, a loin cloth (with two different designs on each side), a waist cape, and a cape.

They are made of soft plastic as opposed to rubber so the finish is much shinier than the soft pieces that LEGO produces.

Arealight Black Cape & Waist Cape

The pieces are also quite durable and flexible. The flexibility is great since it will allow you to use the pieces and not have to worry too much about them getting in the way or impeding movement.

All these new releases are available online from your official Arealight reseller.

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